Prof. Dr. Gyula Jordán Essay Contest – Awards Ceremony

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The Taiwan Alumni Association announces the winners of the essay contest organised in commemoration of Prof. Dr. Gyula Jordán.

The authors of the best works received monetary awards:
1st place: Viktória Laura Herczegh
2nd place: Ákos Hanny
3rd  place: Dávid Bárdos

The Awards Ceremony took place in the Taipei Representative Office in Hungary on 28 November, 2013. The prizes were handed over by Ambassador Marietta Kao Liau and the judges.

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1. place: Viktória Laura Herczegh and the Ambassador

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2. place: Ákos Hanny and Dr. Gergely Salát

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3. place: Dávid Bárdos and Péter Marton

The three rewarded works can be viewed here:

Herczegh Viktória Laura – A tudományos kutatás jelene és jövője Kínában

Hanny Ákos – A katasztrófavédelem a Kínai Népköztársaságban

Bárdos Dávid – 11 év reform – 10000 év egészség

Please note: The works are only available in Hungarian.

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